Toothpaste and Acne

Many individuals have heard about toothpaste being an alternative acne treatment. This has people wondering if it actually works. Now obviously every treatment does not work on everyone. So toothpaste, just those, might have the same effect. It absolutely can help to relieve you of acne. It is safe to use, proactive but proceed with caution.

However some have complained of burning of the skin when applied. This is usually an affect of an allergy. Be sure to test it out with a small amount on your face before you start using toothpaste all over your body. There are a few steps to follow when you are using toothpaste for the first time. It will help to ensure you get the best results possible.

First, it is highly important that you use basic white toothpaste; do not use gel toothpaste. Also be sure to find a toothpaste that has the least amount of additives; things like fluoride can cause irritation. When you put the toothpaste on, do not rub it all over the face. And do not rub it into the skin.

All you do is “dab” a little bit on the inflamed acne lesion. You can cover the area with a bandage or let it breathe. Leave the toothpaste on your face for one to two hours. It should not burn however it will have a tingling feeling to it. Once time is up rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Resist the urge to touch your face with your hands. It is recommended to use either Colgate or Aquafresh have been shown to be the best options.

Numerous toothpastes contain alcohol or menthol. These compounds can dry out the skin. Which is partially why it works. It dries out the oil that is clogging a pore. The only catch is, toothpaste can dry the skin too much where as is causes rashes and other skin problems. This is why it is best to use other products first; however if you try it be sure to use small amounts and probably start off with having it on for only an hour.

Using toothpaste does not come highly recommended by dermatologists. It is an alternative when nothing else is available. It is also only for a quick fix type of deal. It is not recommended to be used for the long-term because it could begin to irritate the skin. Even though this may work for some, there are better and safer products on the market.